Elephants + Waterfalls KERALA, INDIA


I was really lucky with my stay in Kerala to have stayed with a genuinely lovely family who arranged an equally lovely driver for me. if you are looking for an excellent guide and all round person, Das is a gem. By the end of my three days I felt so knowledgeable about Kerala and India, he's like an Indian Google!

We drove for three hours from Fort Cochin through some luscious greenery to an elephant orphanage called Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary. It was a bit sad to see them in chains and occasionally being whacked with sticks, although I think this might be a theme in India...unfortunately. I'm assured that the elephants have been rescued because they are unable to survive in the wild without their herd and taken here to be looked after.

Catching these majestic, thick skinned beasts at bath time was a very special moment ✨

Afterwards, we stopped by a rubber tree plantation, a pineapple farm, a hanging bridge and some stunning waterfalls at Atthirappilly Falls. On the walk to the waterfalls I tried some spicy mangoes, watched the monkeys stealing ice creams from children and felt like a celebrity as I had my picture taken with various Indian families. A bit freaky at first but they are super friendly and I think just excited to see a white person. Careful ladies of the boys in groups though, apparently they like to show the pic to their mates and brag that they just bedded you!



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Visiting time: 0800 hours to 1700 hours

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