In case you didn’t know, minimalism is kind of a thing these days. Just as the digital nomad movement is making waves, so is minimalism…

People seem to be catching on that material things don’t make us happy long term and we are starting to see through the cracks of the consumer driven crap we’ve been fed our entire lives. That, coupled with rising house prices… millennials are getting creative with how to live a more meaningful life… check out #vanlife for example.


You know that feeling you get when you are about ­to travel to somewhere completely new? That feeling of excitement, nervousness and endless possibility?

Well I’ve got that now, and I think I might be hooked on the feeling! Which is partly why I’ve decided to minimise my life into the size of a 70L backpack for an indefinite amount of time. Not an entirely easy feat I might add, but more on packing and minimalism in my next post.


I N T E R V I E W   W I T H
M I S S   M O L L Y   M A I N E

This month's interview follows the journey of Miss Molly Maine from 9-5 marketing guru to location independent nomad. 

I N S P O   I N T E R V I E W S  is a new segment on the Chasing Waterfalls blog ~ each month I will feature an interview with someone I find inspiring, in the hope that you too will be inspired! 


It is difficult to express my feelings about the experience I've just had in Rishkesh without using cliché words such as ‘blessed’, ‘grateful’ or ‘life changing’. You really do come away feeling like your heart might explode from all the new friends you’ve made. Largely from spending fifteen hour days in the same room… learning, laughing, crying and growing together...


Blink and you’ll miss it, my initial thoughts on India: entirely lovable but crazy as a coconut. A good intro to India is the state of Kerala, meaning ‘full of coconuts’. I’m told that it’s much calmer than the north and the big cities. Some lubrication for the madness of the north!