Fingal Head


It can be a little challenging living back on the Gold Coast after 10 + years overseas in the UK & Europe. Although the beaches are beautiful, the weather is nearly always perfect and the standard of living is significantly better, I still miss the UK!

I feel like the mentality it so different here, Aussie folk are so used to the nice weather it doesn't even phase them. On the rare occasion the sun comes out during a typical British summer, everyone drops what they are doing and makes a beeline straight to the park. Streets are filled with the buzz of chatter from people spilling out of pubs, drinking cider, laughing and socialising knowing this could very well be the only sunny day of the year.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine more than most and I'm definitely happier nearer the ocean but I do miss a bit of the sarcastic, charming, witty banter of those Brits. 

Living here does have its benefits. Being surrounded by stunning nature is up there. 

Sometimes (a lot of the time) when the glitzy glow of the GC is getting a little too bright, its nice to get in the car and get the hell out of town.

If you are short of time and Bryon seems too far, busy and expensive, Fingal Head is a smaller, cheaper and less touristic alternative. Its only a half hour drive, if you hop on the M1 and take the tourist drive exit and follow signs. I got there nice and early in the am to have a little walk over the headland with time to  check out the 'mini' lighthouse.

And if the view wasn't beautiful enough I was lucky enough to see a massive pod of dolphins, there must have been about 20 in total! Such a treat!

You can head south down the headland to Dreamtime Beach for a dip and the track from the beach will take you back to your car.

Before you leave Fingal I can definitely recommend a visit to Sheoak Gallery Cafe, for drinks, brunch, lunch or dinner. The food is healthy, but fairly standard grub. I had avo on toast (when in Rome) and they have a nice selection of wines if you're feeling frisky. Go on a Saturday and you will find yourself some live music from 2pm and also at 7pm. 

I couldn't resist the little antiques shop on the corner, Cinderah Bay Antiques & Museum of the Sea which was a nice and dusty step back in time.