Waterfalls for Days AUSTRALIA


Hmm, seems like I may have unintentionally channeled Dov Charney (AKA CEO of American Apparel) here with my photography skillz. 

Ahem! Anyway...When I started this journal, the name 'Chasing Waterfalls' was meant to be kind of metaphorical (like in the TLC song ; ), but I may have sparked a bit of a waterfall obsession here.

I'm back in Australia for a while, staying with family on the Gold Coast, I've been keeping my head down, working on some new projects and sorting out the necessary arrangements to get me back on the road. I've also been making sure I get out and spend time in nature, to ward of the madness that staring at a computer screen all day can bring and also because its the best thing about this place. In my opinion!

There must be at least 20 waterfalls near the coast and its so easy to pack a picnic, jump in the car for 4o mins and spend a few hours wandering around in the wilderness getting wet. 

These particular waterfalls are named Twin Falls and located in Springbrook via Numinbah Valley. Springbrook is essentially the remnants of a volcano (Mount Warning) that 'blew it's load' (sorry not sorry) over 20 million years ago. The Twin Falls circuit is about a 4km hike which takes about 2 hours. There's a 17km there too, which I may or may not attempt in the next couple of weeks.

All in all a worthwhile frolic, with more than a few sights to stop and awe at.

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Twin Falls
Springbrook National Park
Queensland, Australia