According to the Oxford dictionary, a hipster is 'A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.' 

But if you're reading the Urban Dictionary (possibly written by a hipster) there is a lot more depth to the modern day hipster, UD claims that they are not just hairy, unemployed reprobates living off their parents trust fund, but actually part of a new counter culture who value independent thinking, creativity, intelligence, progressive politics and whitty banter. Where do I sign? In tattoo ink?

Whatever your views on the hipster, you can find a load of them in Canggu, Bali's hipster capital. 

I had a fellow yogi friend living in Canggu so this was my first stop on my Bali adventure.


Yoga is everywhere in Bali and Canggu is no exception. Its just about finding a place you like and a teacher that you connect with.

Desa Seni is an upmarket village resort. To stay here prices start from US$150 per night. Expensive for Bali! But you are welcome to come to the yoga classes, which will set you back IDR140,000 per class (about US$10/AUD$14). The studio is an outdoor paradise, set amongst greenery and beautiful nature... although watch out for the rash causing caterpillars! These are crawling around you as you practise. I really enjoyed the Vinyasa Flow class with Carlotta and the gentle Hatha with Diaz. Then you can help yourself to a lemongrass tea afterwards and get to know your fellow yogis.

I tried a Kundalini class here but it wasn't really my thing. I do want to learn more about the pranayama and chanting side of things but I really find value in moving my body and connecting body and mind most which is why I enjoy Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. 

Sadly for me only paying hotel guests are allowed to use the pool :(

Although Desa Seni was great, I was on a budget and a bicycle. (I can recommend not using a bicycle to get around Canggu in 35 degree heat during monsoon season : ). The minute you get on the bike you are literally dripping with sweat. Next time I am going to brave a scooter! Definitely hire a scooter!) 

Desa Seni was a bit far from where we were staying at Rios Guesthouse so I found another yoga studio conveniently placed directly across the road at Pravana Yoga, I seem to remember it being a bit cheaper @ IDR 100,000 (US$7.50/AUD$10) and I found Diaz over there from Desa Seni! He was a lovely teacher. 

Another place for yoga I checked out was Serenity Eco GuestHouse, set in a studio above a backpackers, there seemed to be more man buns here than the other studios. Maybe because the area nearer the Beach and Old Man's is hipsterville.  

There are so many bars and restaurants in Canggu and they all seem to be owned by Australians, actually the whole area seems to have been 'taken over' by Aussies.

One of my fav cafes was The Green Ginger Noodle House. The perfect place for a post yoga sesh dragonfruit smoothie bowl and a cup of ginger tea (see pic above). So much goodness!!

Not hipster enough? Head down to Batu Bolong Beach (Hipsterville) and you'll find the hipster hang out Old Mans... great for Bintang with some Mahi Mahi fish & chips or party the night away, there are always events happening. Head a little further along and you'll find The Lawn (Same owners as Single Fin), right on the beach. It's the perfect place to watch the sunset. I believe they now have an infinity pool! My friend and I got ridiculously lost trying to find this place and ended up in some random rice fields... we had to get a taxi back to The Lawn. It was worth it when we got there though. That beer tasted so sweet! 

If you want pool, beach and bar head to Finns Beach Club. Perfect for cocktails in the pool and sunbathing. 

There are a lot of healthy western food options in Canggu but my fav food in Canggu, try Milk & Made for Nalu bowls, healthy salads and smoothies or Peloton Supershop for vegan food that will make you feel righteous πŸ™Œ.

Actually my favourite food in Canggu and possibly all of Bali was from a little warring on our street called RAJA Warung, a little walk down from the Green Ginger Noodle House. The cost for a meal equalled about AU$2.00. And it was the best! I tried to avoid meat and fish while I was in Bali in an attempt to dodge the famous 'Bali Belly' , which seemed to work out pretty well. The only time I felt a bit dodgy it was self inflicted from too much Bintang (the local beer) or the local Arak, which is a Balinese liquor distilled from tuck, a sweet wine made from the coconut palm flower. Tuak is about 5% alcohol. Good arak can contain over 50%. Be very careful where you get this, bad Arak can be made with methanol, we drank some good Arak in a local reggae bar in Canggu and we were given some from our trusted driver as a gift. It was made in his village. You can usually smell straight away if its dodgy, we were offered some in Ubud, I declined as it smelt like paint stripper, my friend was more eager and had a terrible terrible hang over the next day. Sucker. 


How cute is this flea ridden pup?


Bye Canggu. Bye Hipsters.