Lovely Lisbon


I fell hard for Lisbon, the cobbled streets, the architecture, the trams from the 1930's, the custard tarts, the way that the balmy streets are alive with late night diners and the people! Lisbonites are so friendly, don't be surprised if you find yourself chatting to a local at any given moment. Lisbon makes London look like a very bad sport. 

If you want to see the sights of Lisbon, jump on tram 28. it passes through all the best areas and all the sights. 

There are many markets in Lisbon, we stumbled upon the Mercado do Jardim, Crafts and Design Market which had me all excited. 

Lisbon's best not so secret secret? Cervejaria Ramiro, hands down, THE best seafood restaurant I've been to.

What I love about Cervejaria Ramiro is the simplicity of it, like St John's Bread + Wine in London this has a similar vibe, paper napkins, sharing plates and mess. Founded in the 50's by Mr Ramiro, this place is seriously old school and doesn't seemed to have changed much over the last 50 years. Set over three floors, you can order a beer and join the queue out the front while you wait to be seated. Expect simple, yet deliciously fresh seafood. There are a few beers and wines available but not much else. 

This place made me so H A P P Y : )

We jumped on a train and head out of the city to hit the beach at Oeiras Marina. The typography is amazing throughout Portugal, but I really loved the train station signage. 

We stumbled upon a vintage fire engine show... pretty cool πŸš’ ! 

Who says Portuguese tiles aren't better than Spanish ones??


Sardines, sardines, sardines, followed by custard tarts, custard tarts, custard tarts. 

HOT TIP: The BEST place for sardines is here. And here for custard tarts.

I could happily live in Lisbon.