Mallorca Magic


Women who support other women live longer and happier lives...FACT. And when we get together for holidays, we drink copious amounts of rosé and do a lot of belly laughing whilst putting the world to rights. 

I know what you're thinking, British girls in Magaluf out on the town, looking for action. Sorry to disappoint you fellas. Our Mallorca experiences have had just slightly more class. Occurring annually and nowhere near Magaluf, it was a chance for us to get together away from the demands of our men, let our hair down and get the first bit of vitamin D for the year, whilst London is still defrosting. And having a bloody good time while we are at it! 

In Mallorca we stay in Andratx up a mountain in one of my pal's aunt's villas. Away from the world with just a swimming pool, rosé, gin, padron peppers and whatever delights we decided to cook up on the day. What else does a girl need?


St Elm (pictured above and at the top) is the closest beach to Andratx and a great stop for lunch by the sea. Most of the restaurants along there are much the same. Think sardines, calamari and white wine. 

Llucalcari is a small village, where you can access Es Canyaret, a rocky bay (pictured below), not only do you find crystal clear waters here but the mud is so desirable people come here to spread it all over their body as a mud mask. The only way to get here is on foot if you leave your car at Cala Deià. 

HOT TIP: Beware of the jellyfish!

Lunch at Ca's Patro March in Cala Deià is about as close as you can get to lunch by the sea. More fresh seafood, more white wine. Mmmm. We were lucky enough to watch the stormy seas as we ate.

Up the mountain, days generally consist of breakfast, naked sunbathing by the pool, more rosé, lazy lunches by the pool until prep for dinner, with snacks and gin cocktails for sunset. 

There are beautiful orange 🍊 trees everywhere in Mallorca.

'Lejos de tu lagrima' translates from Spanish to 'Away from your tears'. The lovely Naomi models for us 🦋💙.

When the weather is bad and we can't laze by the pool we tend to get out and about more. One of Mallorca's hidden gems is Es Verger Restaurant (the lamb place) half way up Alaró mountain. The best thing to do is put on your walking boots on and walk to the top of the mountain where we found magnificent views of err...fog, a ruined castle and a little cathedral.


The walk is about an hour to and from the restaurant. People come for the ‘paletilla de cordero’, slow roasted lamb shoulder, cooked in beer in the wood fire oven. This may have been the best lamb I've ever tasted, definitely enhanced after the walk ; ).

God I miss my girls. Take me back!