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The Best Places to Stay in KANDY, SRI LANKA

If you don’t feel like being at the party, Sri Lankan Homestays can be a great option and a good way to get to know about the local food and culture. And you may just end up feeling like one of the family. I was about to go into Nilambe silent retreat the following week, so I was feeling particularly introspective.

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If you are creatively minded you are especially going to enjoy wandering the streets of the George Town UNESCO world heritage site. They are lined with crumbling, pre-second world war Chinese shop houses, most of which don’t seem to have had much restoration and with all the original signage, so it really feels like stepping back in time. 

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Down by the river in a little ol' riverside town called Kampot, in the south west of Cambodia teaching yoga and flowing with life. There isn't a place in this world I could of chosen to begin my yoga teaching career that would of been a better choice than Banteay Srey Project and Spa.

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The Crystal Island KOH PHANGAN

On further inspection it turns out Koh Phangan is an 'ultra spiritual' destination, attracting all sorts of healers, yogis/yoginis and spiritual types. It is also said to be formed on a big chunk of rose quartz crystal, a crystal known for its heart healing properties. Funny then that it attracts all these people who are in need of some healing and lovin.

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Yim Yam Hostel + Garden BANGKOK

As the world becomes more travel savvy and the concept of working online booms, hostels are no longer just catering for students on their gap year but also for glam packers, digital nomads and families who are still looking to have fun and meet people but can do without the trashy party vibe.

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The Best Yoga in Chiang Mai

The best yoga in Chiang Mai. The best of  Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Tantra yoga in Chiang Mai.

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